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Updated: Oct 18, 2005


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These are some of my favorite science fiction sites:

Science Fiction Resources:

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America -- The end all and be all site for sf and general writing info
  • Carl Brandon Society -- a society for sff writers of color.
  • Broad Universe - an organization for women science fiction and fantasy writers
  • Paying Markets -- An extensive listing of book and magazine publishers that buy science fiction
  • Ralan -- The mother of all lists -- anthologies, book publishers, magazine markets -- paying pro rates, semi pro rates, and for the love of it
  • -- a science fiction writing workshop website -- get your material critiqued!
  • SFF online writing workshop -- Critters' competitor, another critique workshop site

Science Fiction Publishing:

  • Mundania Press -- My story Peaceful Conclusions is slated for their anthology, Beyond the Mundane: Vampires and Werewolves and Monsters, Oh My! To be released summer 2005.
  • Strange Horizons -- an e-zine with friendly editors
  • DAW Books -- Publisher currently reading Beyond the Pleiades


  • Context -- Context is a small convention in Columbus, OH that attracts big names and wonderful people
  • WisCon -- The world's only feminist science fiction conference. What more is there to say?