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Here is a sampling of my poetry...

Al-Mumeet -- He who Brings Death. Dedicated to those who perished in the 12/26/05 Tsunami

War -- a poem written for

Rasheed -- As a part of a muslim writer's group exersize, we flipped open a page from the Qur'an and pointed to a word and had to write a poem based on that word. I landed on Rasheed which means rightly-guided, or right-minded.

Storm Brewing --This poem was written on the day the US began the war on Iraq

To Amatullah -- A poem in memory of my writer friend Amatullah Al-Marwani who passed away after a three year battle with lukemia.

Stuck in Sujud -- a humorous view on praying with kids

Pipe Dreams -- this poem challenges the notion that 10-15% of Muslims are terrorists.

Detente -- a poem about hijab




Where can you find more of my poetry?

MuslimWakeUp has published several of my poems. Currently on the front page: Drive Thru Iftar. Chosen and Waiting for Ramadan are in the October archives. For more archived poetry, go to and search on Pamela Taylor.

Azizah magazine has plans to publish Ode to a Prophet.

Rahman and Raheem are featured in Writing the Sacred: A Psalm-Inspired Path to Appreciating and Writing Sacred Poetry by Ray McGinnis and published by Northstone Publishing. ISBN: 1896836739. Writing the Sacred is now available online. Click here to go to the publisher's website. Or call: 1-800-663-2775 ( USA and Canada) or Fax 1-888-841-9991 to place an order.

Many Voices, One Faith, the first Islamic Writers Alliance Anthology is now available. It includes my Storm Brewing poem, along with two of my short stories and an essay. For more information check and