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updated Oct 18, 2005


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These are some of my favorite Islamic Sites:

  • Islamic Writers Alliance -- Ok, I'm the publications officer of this wonderful organization that promotes Muslim woman writers and their work, but it's still a wonderful group!
  • Muslim Wake Up -- an e-zine like no other, funny, irreverant, and maybe it'll make you think.
  • Progressive Muslim Union -- a new organization, and yes, I'm going to be on the board of this one too, but in my biased opinion a much needed breath of fresh air on the scene of organized Muslims
  • Azizah Magazine -- Cool magazine geared towards the modern American Muslim woman
  • Islamicity -- a massive website with info, bazaar, live broadcasts of prayers from Mecca
  • -- home of the Islamic Society of North America
  • Spirit of Islam -- An absolutely beautiful site with a ton of links and gorgeous images.